Uncommen Prayer Request

Thank you for wanting to reach out and share what you’re going through. We always want to be a resource of encouragement, inspiration and prayer to our audience. Know that once you submit your Uncommen prayer request, it goes to our team of prayer warriors and is prayed over. We take your prayer request seriously as we understand you may be going through something and need support.

While we pray over your prayer request, we have a couple of questions / suggestions to help point us all in the right direction and help you reconnect with God.

• Have you been praying to God about your situation?

• Have you been in His Word Daily to fellowship and seek His Will?

• Have you been attending church (in-person) to fellowship with other believers?

• Are you part of a small group in which you can share your life with?

• Do you have a mentor?

• What are you planning to do to change the struggle you’re going through?

• Know that an unrepentant heart will need to come to Jesus before true healing can begin. So, if you do not know Christ as your Savior, we’d suggest you start with the Good News of the Gospel.

As you can see, there are several steps we can take to put ourselves in the best possible position while going through something. Please look over that list, be honest with yourself and make adjustments accordingly. Many times, we stop praying, fellowshipping, worshiping and seeking God and that’s when issues start to arise. We have a tendency to settle or get complacent in our walk and it takes a storm to bring us back to seek an audience with God. 

Before you submit your prayer request, pray that the Holy Spirit guide you and provide us all the information you need to. 

We look forward to your prayer request.

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