Uncommen Good Talks

Our Uncommen Good Talk packs are Free to certain Membership packages and we’ll add to them a couple of times per year.

The Good Talk packs are designed to help us start and carry good relational building conversations. We have developed a pack for Husbands, Dads, Leaders and MIT (Men In Training). Each pack has questions retaled to practical, hard benefical topics that we seem to have a hard time starting. 

Each pack has 12 questions and each question has a couple of scripture references that support that topic. So, if you both have a hard time getting past the question, go read the scripture. 

Husbands – While these questions are mostly focused on your spouse, some of them could be discussed with another husband.

Dads – This pack covers a full range of topics and ages for your children. 

Leaders – Our leader pack pulls no punches when it comes to asking about the kind of leader you are.

MIT (Men In Training) – We beileve this is our most robust pack as its focus is your wife, extended family and friends.

If you are not an Uncommen Member, to can purchase our Good Talk packs on our website here.

If you are a Member and would like to see us develop new content on a topic that is not currently here yet, please let us know by emailing us. In the meantime, we will continue to develop new content.

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