Background Check

Why do we run a Background Check?

As Uncommen grows we have to develop new processes and policies to be good stewards and to protect the ministry. As we were setting up insurance for Uncommen it was indicated that we would have to do background checks on all volunteers of the organization as part of that insurance. That includes volunteer writers (that would like credit), social squad, charter leaders and board of directors. Anyone that represents Uncommen to the public will need to have a background check completed (we’ll handle the application fee and we never see the details).

What is the background check looking for?

The background check goes back 7 years and uses the following databases – State Criminal Court Search and the National Criminal Database, Sex Offender & OFAC Search.

Who pays for this service?

Uncommen pays for the application fee which can be anywhere from $15 – $40 per check.

How does the process work?

– You either purchase a Charter package, fill out the volunteer form, or sign up to volunteer in some other way.

– You get an email to fill out the application. The application is filed off-site and we will not have access to the information provided in the application.

– After you’ve complete the application, the background check begins and it usually requires 2-5 business days.

– Once you have found to be UNCOMMEN, we inform you of the results.

– If you do not pass the background check, we refund your money in full. No questions asked.

– All results (pass or fail) will not be shared with anyone outside of Uncommen.

– We never see your application entries as they are completely private.