Workbook: Speaking With Adult Children


You may have a great relationship with your adult children or you may have a stressful one. Either way, we should be working on how we speak to our children. As a parent, we have a tendency to forever see our children as just that…children. My 25 year on son may not always want the same advice I was giving him 10 years ago. I have to learn to adapt how I communicate and listen more than I speak. That’s a hard ask for Dad’s since we know how to fix all the worlds problems if someone would just listen. This workbook is meant to give you some examples of words that build and tear down. There are going to be some that you say, “wait, that makes them upset?” Yes. They just may have trouble giving us feedback to help us communicate better.


  • 12-page book
  • PDF Download
  • Interactive on computer, laptops, tablet, and phone
  • Printable
  • Single person use
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