Uncommen Monthly Membership

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Monthly Membership Features

  • Access to our App
  • Access to eBooks
  • Digital Downloads
  • Members-only Gear
  • Membership Group
  • Podcast
  • Prayer Requests
  • 75+ Devotionals
  • 500+ Articles

Why do you need a Membership?

  • Challenge: Seeking Consistent Spiritual Growth?
    • Do you struggle to find regular, engaging resources that support your spiritual growth?
    • The Uncommen Monthly Membership provides a steady stream of fresh, spiritually enriching content. Each month, access new devotionals, studies, and resources that encourage continuous growth in your faith, helping you stay engaged and motivated in your spiritual journey.
  • Challenge: Needing Monthly Encouragement in Marriage?
    • Are you looking for ongoing support to strengthen and enrich your marriage?
    • Our Monthly Membership offers regular insights and practical tips for nurturing your marital relationship. With monthly resources focused on biblical principles of marriage, you can continually learn and apply strategies to enhance communication, deepen love, and fortify your bond with Christ.
  • Challenge: Balancing Daily Work and Faith?
    • Is integrating your faith into your daily work life a constant challenge?
    • Discover how to bring your faith into your daily work with our Monthly Membership. Receive regular content that addresses real-world challenges of being a Christian in the workplace, helping you to maintain integrity, witness effectively, and find a balance between your professional responsibilities and spiritual life.
  • Challenge: Seeking Monthly Fatherhood Wisdom?
    • Looking for ongoing guidance to navigate the joys and challenges of fatherhood?
    • The Uncommen Monthly Membership provides monthly resources specifically for fathers. Gain insights and advice on being a godly dad, balancing love, discipline, and spiritual leadership, and learn from the experiences of other Christian fathers.
  • Challenge: Overcoming Monthly Spiritual Hurdles?
    • Do you face recurring spiritual challenges or need regular encouragement in your faith walk?
    • Our Monthly Membership provides consistent support and biblical strategies to overcome common spiritual hurdles. Access resources each month that help you tackle temptation and doubt and maintain a vibrant prayer life, ensuring you stay strong and resilient in your faith.

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