The Clock Is Ticking

Introducing “Hurry,” an original digital book that shares a powerful story of faith and perseverance. In this 25-page book, you’ll read about a man’s experience of hearing from God in a unique and profound way. Through his struggles with spiritual warfare and the loss of his daughter, he sought answers from God and received a message that changed his perspective on life.

Using the Bible verse Job 37:5 as inspiration, this book explores the idea that God speaks to us in ways beyond our understanding. Sometimes, His messages may be subtle or unexpected, but they are always meaningful. This book is a testament to the power of faith and the importance of cherishing every moment we have.

Quote from the Original

We have all heard someone say that they would ask God for guidance or an answer. I know a lot of people who seek God on a variety of issues. However, more often than not, the answer is subtle. You can hear God through the advice of a friend. You can see evidence of God unfold in your children. God is not limited in His dialect. He can use any form and at any time. I cannot demand that God speak to me; however, I asked and heard one occasion.

“Hurry” is a heartfelt and moving story that will resonate with anyone who has experienced loss or struggled with their faith. It is a reminder to listen to God’s voice and make the most of our time on this earth. This digital book is available for instant download and can be read on any device. Get your copy today and discover the power of God’s message in your life.

Here are some reasons why you’ll love “Hurry”:

  1. Single issue: We focus on the concept of staying salty, giving you a clear and concise message.
  2. Well-written: Our team has poured great wisdom into this guide to help you succeed.
  3. Inexpensive: For the price of a large coffee, you can grow as a man of God and support our ministry.
  4. Instant access: Since it’s a PDF, you can download it right away and start reading.

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