True Commitment

In “Commitment,” we delve into the different types of commitments we make in life – from marriage to work to parenthood to our faith. We explore the highs and lows, how to stay devoted even when things get tough, and why joy, not happiness, is the ultimate reward of true commitment.

Through engaging stories and powerful examples, we discover what committing truly means and why it is so important in our lives. We also take a deep dive into the Scriptures and explore two key examples of dedication in this 40-page PDF – the commitment of Jesus and the commitment of Paul.

Quote from the Original

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word commitment? Does it elicit a positive or negative connotation in your mind? It will probably depend on when you hear the word and in relation to how long the commitment it is. For instance, if you are married, you will speak your vows to commit to loving your wife for as long as you both shall live. Good commitment, right? 

Whether you’re struggling to stay devoted to your marriage, job, family, or faith, “Commitment” will provide you with the inspiration and guidance you need to stay the course. With practical advice and powerful insights, this book will help you understand the true meaning of dedication and the rewards it brings.

Here are some reasons why you’ll love “Commitment”:

  1. Single issue: We focus on the concept of staying salty, giving you a clear and concise message.
  2. Well-written: Our team has poured great wisdom into this guide to help you succeed.
  3. Inexpensive: For the price of a large coffee, you can grow as a man of God and support our ministry.
  4. Instant access: Since it’s a PDF, you can download it right away and start reading.

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