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how to be a good leader

What is an Uncommen Leader?

An Uncommen Leader is not a man that has it all together, but a man that is actively seeking to live a more faithful and committed life. He understands that he doesn’t know everything and that’s perfectly okay. He’s committed to change and betterment.

What do you think; are you an Uncommen leader? Maybe you’re struggling with leading this kind of lifestyle. Let’s be honest: it’s hard, especially in today’s society. It can be easy to let your foot off the gas, but we’re here to tell you to keep at it! You’ve got what it takes!


YouTube and Google can give you answers to hundreds, thousands of different questions you have, but once you’ve got the curriculum, it’s time for some action. A wealth of knowledge does nothing if it rots away in the attic. The people in your life will thank you if you start using some of the leadership qualities you’re learning about. That’s where we step in!

Uncommen has a desire to challenge and motivate men of all ages, to live an Uncommen lifestyle. We want to inspire you to be humble, diligent, wise, and a whole lot more. We’re betting you probably want to be those things too.

Reaching the Mark

So, how can you get there? Our weekly, free newsletter dives deep into hard-hitting, practical topics centered around men. We discuss friends, technology, church, work, and everything relevant to your life.

How can you be a leader right where you are? We can help you show you. Each of our newsletters includes thought-provoking questions and practical challenges to help you put it into action. It’s completely free so sign up today.

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