We were about the Father’s business in 2020 despite COVID-19 and 2021 is no different. We have some big plans outlined for 2021 and we need your help to develop and launch them. Take a look at the list below:

  • Our Goal – $6000 12% 12%

$6000 – Uncommen Original (12 for the year – 500 per original)

We currently develop an exclusive Uncommen original every other month for our Membership program. In 2021, we are moving to a monthly schedule. You can fund more than one Original.

  • Our Goal – $6000 0% 0%

$6000 – Uncommen Devotional (YouVersion & Olive Tree) (12 for the year – 500 per Devotional)

Each month we develop a new devotional for YouVersion to drive traffic to our website. In 2021 we will be providing the same devotional to Olive Tree.

  • Our Goal – $3500 100% 100%

$3500 – New Uncommen Website (launched Jan 5th)

We launched our new website on January 5th. Thanks for all your support!

  • Our Goal – $2500 0% 0%

$2500Camera / Backdrop

We are looking to increase our video quality from a webcam to a HD camera and add a branded step and repeat backdrop to provide a more professional video.

  • Our Goal – $2300 0% 0%

$2300 – Google Ads

We are looking to turn Google Ad services back on to drive more traffic to our website and YouTube Channel.

  • Our Goal – $2000 0% 0%

$2000 – Develop an 8-Part Video Series

We want to create an 8 part video series that we can package and sell to churches to use for their men’s groups or events. This could also integrate into Membership in some way.

  • Our Goal – $1200 0% 0%

$1200 – 12 months of WooCommerce

We use WooCommerce for our eCommerce services and it has an on-going cost. We are looking for someone to fund this for 2021.

  • Our Goal – $1200 100% 100%

$1200 – New Uncommen App (launched Feb 4th)

We launched our new app on February 4th. Thanks for all your support!

  • Our Goal – $1200 0% 0%

$1200 – 12 months of Social Advertising

We use social ads to grow our followers and funnel traffic to our website. We’d like to increase our monthly budget in 2021. 

  • Our Goal – $750 100% 100%

$750 – Transaction Fees

As you may know there is a transaction fee associated with every donation or purchase. We are looking for a one-time donation to off-set the cost of donations made in 2021.

  • Our Goal – $600 0% 0%

$600 – 1 Month of Uncommen Live Development

Every Thursday at 2pm EST we have a 20-30 min Uncommen Live on YouTube. We prep content, graphics and promotions for each event.

  • Our Goal – $600 100% 100%

$600 – 12 months of Hosting

Each year we need help covering the costs of hosting for the new website. In 2021, we will need $600 for the whole year.

  • Our Goal – $425 100% 100%

$425 – Trademark Renewal Costs

Every so many years we will have to renew our trademark, Uncommen, so that we can continue to use the brand that we have built up over the years. Helps us fund that so we can continue to be uncommen!

As always, if you ever have a question about where you donation is going or want to know more about Uncommen, please contact me at 704-948-1587 or by email at [email protected]