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Mary and Martha thought Jesus was too late and couldn’t save Lazarus from the grave, but our savior had different plans. Join Uncommen in journeying through this well-known passage in-depth and see how Jesus is still calling us to come forth today for His name. Start the study here

Father Figure

Most of us have a Father Figure in our lives. Some may have been great examples and some may have not even been there. In this study we look at a range of men in the Bible and how they performed the role of a Father Figure. Start the study here

More Than Conquerors!

We’ve all heard the phrase “More Than Conquerors”, but did you know that we are called to be that “in all these things”? Join us as we walk through the scriptures that educated and challenge us all to be “More Than” what we are. Start the study here

Surviving Divorce

The heartbreak, the lost love, the grief and the shame that comes with unwanted divorce doesn’t have to stay forever. You don’t need to go through this alone. In this study, we’ll learn how we can lean heavily on God’s strength despite life’s most troubling events. Start the study here

How To Prioritize Your Wife

It can be extremely rewarding if you prioritize your wife above other things. Whether you’re a husband, a soon-to-be husband or a future husband, this is a great study to challenge you to prioritize your wife according to scripture. Start this study here.

Porn Kills Love

It’s all too common for us to settle for cheap counterfeits like pornography. In just five short days we walk through some practical ways to fight for joy and experience long-term satisfaction with your wife and God. Start this study here.

Credit to Fight the New Drug ( for “Porn Kills Love.” FTND is a non-religious and non-political organization, and is not affiliated with Uncommen.

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