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A Dad’s Prayer

God does amazing things in our lives when we ask for His help. But sometimes finding the words to pray over your kids can be challenging. This study includes seven things from Scripture that you can pray over your kids for each day of the week. Start this study here.

Husbands Defined

Through this study, we will examine the role of a husband according to God’s Word. Join as we explore the Scriptures and gain a firm grasp on the definition of being a great husband so that we can serve our wives, our children and the world around us. Start this study here.

UNCOMMEN Change: Being A Man For All Seasons

In this study, you will learn from Solomon that life with all its various seasons, gives us opportunities to draw closer to God. We will discover that God has perfect timing, He makes all things beautiful in time. Start this study here.

How To Prioritize Your Wife

It can be extremely rewarding if you prioritize your wife above other things. Whether you’re a husband, a soon-to-be husband or a future husband, this is a great study to challenge you to prioritize your wife according to scripture. Start this study here.

Porn Kills Love

It’s all too common for us to settle for cheap counterfeits like pornography. In just five short days we walk through some practical ways to fight for joy and experience long-term satisfaction with your wife and God. Start this study here.

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