Uncommen Videos

In a world that is drowning in information, we are starving for wisdom. We feel our free Uncommen Videos, Live and pre-recorded videos focus on the concept of Truth and Grace as we deliver the Truth of a topic but also communicate the Grace of God in it as well.

Our free Uncommen video library falls under the topics of Husbands, Dads, and Leaders, but we touch on a range of topics within each of those as well. For the last 3 years, we have been developing video content around real topics that men deal with every day. 

We also try to develop content around hard topics such as SIN, divorce, pornography, PTSD, health, work, communication, insecurities, dysfunction, marriage, parenting, sex, and much more. Some of the content may be hard to hear as changes may need to be made to our lives to be more like Jesus. Check out our free Uncommen videos!

10 Minutes – Our 10-minute format gets right to the point of the topic, scripture, while also providing supportive resources in the form of blog articles, devotionals, and other videos.

30 Minutes – Our 30-minute format spends a little more time in the conversation around announcements 

3&1 – This is an upcoming series of videos in which we have three people will different backgrounds talking about one topic.

Interviews – Here we speak with other people in ministry to get a window into their world.

Uncommen Live: We have a live session every Thursday at 2 pm EST where you can join us and make comments, ask questions, and more. If you can’t make that time slot, you can always watch the video right after on our video channel.

The benefit of having so many videos is it lets us cover a large amount of ground while also doubling down on some topics.

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