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Mark Your Calendar With The Things That Matter

Your calendar matters. I was scrolling through pictures on my iPhone last week and cleaning out some old photos to make room for new ones. As I was selecting images to purge, I found myself noticing how much my children have grown over the last two years. I found a video of my daughter’s first few steps, my son learning to ride his bike, pictures of family trips to the beach and mountains and a short video of my daughter singing her ABC’s. I started to get quite sentimental, and I thought: Geez it goes by too fast.

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Take them on a Summer Adventure

Ahhh the magic of summer. Warmer temps. School is out. Lots of burgers on the grill. And if your schedule allows, some outdoor summer adventure with your family. One of my favorite parts of the summer schedule with school being out is that the kids are often looking for something to do and more excited about the idea when you offer it up. I’ve got a bit of a Clark Griswold-like obsession with creating memories for my family, and look forward to being able to reminisce about those memories we shared together. I’ve got young kids myself so I’m in those prime memory making years where my kids actually still think (somewhat) I’m cool. But I know the clock is ticking there.

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The Building of a Legacy

We started our business in 2007, and we will turn ten years in 2017. What a great and uncommon accomplishment from a business standpoint. While we work with a broad range of industries, our focus has always been on ministry. In an age where 543,000 businesses get started each month and double that fail each month, you can imagine how hard it is to stay in business. During the recession, I just kept my head down, nose to the grindstone and any other saying that worked. But God was faithful by leading clients to us and kept me focused on serving them for His Glory.

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20 Minutes of Prayer

We had just come home from the hospital with our son Joshua. I could see the look on my wife’s face; she was glowing and happy to be home after the hospital stay. We spent the next couple of months learning to be parents to a newborn baby that didn’t seem to come with instructions. We quickly fell into a rhythm of feedings, naps, baths, laundry, diaper changes and so on. Our world simply revolved around this little child that was suddenly in our care. We had read books, sought council, watched videos and prayed about this process. We were ready! We thought we were ready, and as life often does, it teaches you a lesson when you actually weren’t ready.

As my wife’s maternity leave was about up, we started to look into daycare options for Joshua. After the first couple of places, we were very disappointed in the available options. We are trusting a stranger to take care of our son for 8 hours a day, and he’s not the only baby they would be looking after. Dana was about to go back to work, and I took the week off to push the daycare decision back a week. We were wrestling with this issue day and night. Every time we looked into the face of our son, we felt we were failing at being a parent. After all, we should be able to have Dana stay home with Joshua.

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Stop Chasing the Myth

Our lives are full of myths. Old wives’ tales. Superstitions. Here a few of the more popular myths.

– Most of your heat is lost through your head.

– Gum takes seven years to digest.

– Sugar causes hyperactivity in kids (really?).

– Lightning never strikes twice.

– Peeing on a jellyfish bite will make it hurt less.

None of those are true, despite any anecdotal information to the contrary. Trust me—I looked them up. We avoid walking under ladders or change paths if we see a black cat. You might worry if you break a mirror or feel more confident in your lucky underwear.

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Start with the Body

A few years ago I was 245 pounds, didn’t sleep well, had high blood pressure, and couldn’t tie my shoes without getting out of breath. The lie that I told myself was that I was comfortable. I justified my body to myself as normal because I was getting older.

It was a trip to my eye doctor that opened my eyes. Pun totally intended. He took my blood pressure to test for blurriness. He almost gasped when he read the dial and demanded to get a second result. It read 195 over 120. For those of you that don’t know it, 120 over 80 is the norm. He mentioned to me that by law he was required to call an ambulance. WHAT!

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