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Lifetime Membership Features

  • Access to our App
  • Access to Originals
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  • Digital Downloads
  • Good Talks
  • Interactive Workbooks
  • MasterClass Series
  • Members-only Gear
  • Membership Group
  • Monthly Challenges
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  • 75+ Devotionals
  • 500+ Articles

Why do you need a Membership?

  • Challenge: Struggling in Your Walk with Christ?
    • Are you finding it challenging to stay consistent and grow in your faith?
    • The Uncommen Lifetime Membership offers enduring resources and a supportive community for your spiritual journey. With lifelong access to devotionals and studies, deepen your relationship with Christ and maintain a steadfast faith walk, supported every step of the way.
  • Challenge: Marital Challenges?
    • Do you and your wife face communication barriers or unresolved conflicts?
    • Our Lifetime Membership provides lasting biblical insights and practical advice for strengthening your marriage. Engage in ongoing studies and community discussions, learning to foster understanding, love, and Christ-centered unity in your lifelong relationship.
  • Challenge: Balancing Work and Faith?
    • Are you struggling to integrate your faith into your work life?
    • With our Lifetime Membership, discover how to bring Christ into your workplace consistently. Access resources that address maintaining integrity, witnessing, and balancing work with your spiritual life, becoming a continual light in your professional environment.
  • Challenge: Fatherhood Concerns?
    • Feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities and challenges of fatherhood?
    • Our Lifetime Membership offers ongoing guidance and support for Christian fathers. Learn from scriptural wisdom and shared experiences to consistently be the godly role model your children need, balancing love, discipline, and spiritual leadership.
  • Challenge: Personal Development?
    • Are you looking to grow personally and spiritually but unsure where to start?
    • The Uncommen Lifetime Membership guides you on a lifelong journey of self-improvement from a Christian perspective. Continuously develop character, leadership skills, and a deeper understanding of God’s word.
  • Challenge: Building Meaningful Relationships?
    • Do you find it hard to establish and maintain godly friendships?
    • Connect with like-minded men through our Lifetime Membership, fostering strong, Christ-centered relationships. This platform offers enduring connections, fellowship, and mutual encouragement in faith.
  • Challenge: Overcoming Temptation and Sin?
    • Are you battling with temptations or habits that are hindering your spiritual growth?
    • Find long-term support and accountability with our Lifetime Membership. Access resources that provide biblical strategies to overcome sin and temptation, supporting a life of victory and holiness in Christ.
  • Challenge: Seeking Long-Term Spiritual Mentorship?
    • Do you need ongoing guidance and mentorship in your walk with Christ?
    • The Uncommen Lifetime Membership offers a continual source of spiritual mentorship and growth. With lifetime access to our expansive range of resources, you’ll have enduring support in your journey, helping you to remain steadfast and grow in faith, no matter your life season.
  • Challenge: Desire for a Lasting Legacy in Faith?
    • Are you looking to build a lasting legacy of faith for your family and community?
    • Our Lifetime Membership gives us the tools and insights to leave a meaningful spiritual legacy. Engage in deep, life-changing studies and community interactions that transform your life and equip you to impact your family and community for generations to come positively.
  • Challenge: Navigating Life Transitions?
    • Are you facing significant life changes such as career shifts, becoming a father, or entering different stages of life?
    • The Uncommen Lifetime Membership provides a constant source of biblical wisdom and support through life’s transitions. With lifelong access to diverse resources, you’ll find guidance tailored to every life stage, whether adapting to new roles or seeking to grow in your spiritual and personal life amid change. This membership equips you to navigate these transitions with faith and resilience grounded in Christ.

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