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It doesn’t take a whole lot to get a movement going.  With a little over a hundred men at UNCOMMEN’s launch party last Tuesday, a movement is about to pick up steam.  It won’t be long before a simple app has invaded the lives of men all over the country and challenged them to be better dads, step-dads, husbands, leaders and friends. 100,000 users as a goal is a challenge, but it starts with the first 100.

Brian setting up a challenge

Brian setting up a challenge to win a big prize

The party began and men of all different kinds shuffled into the Rabbit Hole, in Charlotte, NC, a dimly lit bar and music venue with arcade games in one room and a stage, bar and additional seating in the other. At a glance there were men from practically every tax bracket represented– black guys, white guys, skinny guys, muscly guys, guys wearing ties and guys wearing sandals. All these men, however different in appearance, were there at this hole in the wall in support of something all men desperately need, a challenge.

The presentation was solid, the atmosphere was guy-centric, the energy was high, and there was even Jack the mascot dancing around at the UNCOMMEN launch party.  But something was stated with obvious intentionality multiple times by the emcee, Assistant Head Coach, Brian Goins, and even in the close by Head Coach, Dee Lanier- “We’re just getting started.  We need your feedback.”

One of these two were in charge, I think

One of these two were in charge, I think

During one part of the evening when the wifi was giving them trouble, Brian joked, “I may need to go Steve Jobs on all of you and ask you to drop from the network.”  He was kidding in more ways than one.  Not only would Steve Jobs have had a conniption over technical difficulties during a presentation, he would have never released a product that admittedly has its flaws to the public.  Immediately after challenging guys to download the app and to recruit their team of four or more, the statement was made, “we need your feedback in order to make the UNCOMMEN app even better.”  Multiple guys were recruited on the spot to be a part of a focus group to give direct feedback to the team for future iterations of the app.  Get guys winning today.  Have these guys help others win even bigger tomorrow. A splash of genius mixed with humility.

From where I stood at the swag table I was fortunate enough to have a pretty good view of the competitions that went on throughout the night and it was refreshing to see men of all ages getting into everything from arcade hoops to pool, to RYOBI’s nailing challenge, and winning several cool prizes including drills, spa treatments for their wives, family night out to a Hornets or Knights game. The night was like a real life simulation of the app.  Win personally.  Win for your family. There are few things manlier than power tools, pool and hoops. But these men were gathered not just to be manly or to take on some silly but engaging challenges, no their challenge is bigger, changing the grave reality of absenteeism and extended adolescence in men. Getting men to get their “app off the couch” and start being intentional with the way they spend their time.

Food and friends is always a good combo and the UNCOMMEN launch party provided both of those things but it also went beyond that. It gave a glimpse into what a world full of men intentional about how they use their time to benefit their friends and families rather than just themselves. The fight against “commonism” is on. It only takes a spark to start a wildfire and this Launch party is the spark that will lead to a wildfire of change. It is time for men all over the world to stop commonism in its tracks and be UNCOMMEN.


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