We’ve spent several years creating, revising, and maintaining the Uncommen App. After investing over $100,000 into the App, we had to make a hard decision whether to keep investing or put development on hold. We decided to put it on hold for a year or so to determine the demand for an app and how best to fund the continual costs for updates and maintenance.

During the last year, we have also been developing our website presence for Uncommen Charters around the country/world, the Uncommen store, developing additional content, and seeking Sponsorships. We develop weekly blogs and every other month we develop a Bible study that can be found on the Holy Bible/YouVersion App. As you can tell, there are multiple channels we are using to try to encourage men to invest in their key relationships.

While we believe the Uncommen App will be revamped sometime in the future, we had to make the difficult decision to remove it from the App store and Google Play. We understand this decision will impact some of the users that were not having problems, and we are sorry for that.

We will be using the Uncommen website and social media to be the voice of Uncommen for the foreseeable future.

If you (or someone you know) might feel the desire to donate toward the Uncommen App 2.0, we will be starting a donation campaign for just that. Our goal is $10,000 to develop a streamlined app that will be easier to maintain and host. If you have additional ideas or thoughts, please email admin@uncommen.org.

We feel one way to be Uncommen is to be good stewards of our money and invest it wisely.

Thank you for your understanding!

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