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Welcome to the UNCOMMEN Hall of Fame. Here you’ll find men who have been nominated by someone for being an UNCOMMEN husband, father, brother, boyfriend, mentor, friend, or leader! If you see someone you know and like to share with your network, click on the social icon. If you don’t see the man you have in mind, search for him by clicking on the magnifying glass. Still don’t see him? Click on the “Nominate” button in the upper right.


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Name: Mark Walker

Nominated by: Dani

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Name: Rolly Jorgensen

Nominated by: Mrs. Jorgensen

Rolly is not the common man. He never did like to follow the crowd. MyClick for more info

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Name: Ken Carfagno

Nominated by: Teresa

He’s already been nominated… he’s been nominated as my husband and he cherishes me andClick for more info

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Name: Gary Boline

Nominated by: Julie

He gives 100% at his job, comes home, and finds a way to give 110%Click for more info

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