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Fathering Your Children With the Model of Christ

One of the most important realms of ministry for a father is their children. It also can be one of the toughest. We may kick ourselves for not going on a mission trip to India or sharing the Gospel with a neighbor (both great things), but your best chance to influence someone for life is […]
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A High Calling: Biblical Fatherhood

As a new father, I experience the daily joys and blessings of raising a little girl. Although she is not yet a year old, I am growing in my knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a husband and father through God’s word and my local church. The more I read scripture, observe […]
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Fathering Like The Father

We are going to look at how God parents us as His children and apply this to our relationships with our children. This is intended to be encouraging and helpful, as you grow in your relationship with your children and with God. When my son was a senior in high school, things were a bit […]
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Uncommen Goals: Dads

Okay, Dad, it’s time to put away the Christmas sweaters and get ready for the start of the year. Your wife may be talking about starting a new diet as a family, and your employer may want to you to turn in what your objectives are for the first quarter. But we would suggest setting […]
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Second Shift: Fatherhood

Picture this: It’s Wednesday evening. After making your way through traffic and into your neighborhood, you drive down your street and pull into the driveway. Home sweet home. You have survived another day at the office. But there are a few more roadblocks between you and your house. The entrance is strewn with a few basketballs, […]
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Patience is the Key

If you could improve one area in your fatherhood journey…what would it be? For a lot of dads, they want to be more patient. When experienced dads are asked about becoming a father, a common theme that comes up is the importance of patience. There is nothing like a crying baby in the middle of […]
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