An Uncommen Timeline

1ST YR – Greg and Amanda started Uncommen to encourage and challenge men to be the Husbands, Dads, and Leaders they were always meant to be. A small team of passionate people is assembled to get the non-profit off the ground.

2ND YR – After several months of planning and development, an App is launched to encourage and challenge men and inspire them with resources. Social media is established on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

3RD YR – Uncommen started providing bi-monthly devotionals to YouVersion (Bible App) to increase awareness. We were one of their first content partners. Uncommen started to develop partnerships with organizations for financial support. (donations and grants). Uncommen builds an email list of 30 thousand men worldwide.

4TH YRUncommen partners with Studio490 Creative Services to help develop a new website and other marketing materials to further gain traction. We also take advantage of the non-profit Google grant for Google ad development.

5TH YRLeadership is restructured, and Uncommen pivots to put their website at the center of their communications. We added a couple of volunteer writers to help diversify the content. We hit 33 thousand followers on Facebook. An eCommerce component is added to our website to allow for National and International transactions. We spent time removing unnecessary service costs and changing the payment gateway to reduce overall transaction costs. We add insurance and services to allow us to be compliant with federal law and taxes. A new board of directors is established, and a new vision is formed. We fully establish ourselves as a Men’s Ministry and provide a statement of faith and resources for downloads.

6TH YRThe Uncommen Charter program is launched to help men lead small groups in their churches and communities worldwide. We started going live weekly on YouTube with 15-30 segments to encourage men. We set up an advertising program for organizations to take part.

7TH YRUncommen partners with Olive Tree and Back to the Bible to provide monthly devotions on their platform as well. Covid hits, and we respond with a monthly virtual Bible Study. Uncommen hits 1 Million Devotion completed on YouVersion.

8TH YRA new website is designed and launched to take advantage of our content and the latest web trends and performance. The Uncommen Membership program is launched with an Annual Membership. We launch Uncommen Originals which take a deeper dive into men’s topics. Our Charters hit as many as 60 and reach as many as 37 states and five different countries.

9TH YRUncommen relaunches an App to work in conjunction with its website presence. We also launch a Monthly Membership package. Uncommen hits 2 Million Devotions subscriptions on YouVersion. We launch interactive workbooks that are available to everyone but free for lifetime members.

10TH YRUncommen launched a Lifetime Membership package to round off its membership program. We will reach 70 Devotions by the end of 2022 on YouVersion and 20+ on OliveTree and BTTB. Our membership hits 500 (Annual, Monthly, and Lifetime). We hit 25 Uncommen originals in our website library. Our blog library hits over 350 articles ranging on topics for husbands, dads, and leaders, and we added a new category targeting the young adults MIT (men in training). Launched our affiliation program for members to take advantage of those benefits.