An Uncommen Timeline

1st Year – On September 1st, 2012 Greg and Amanda started Uncommen to encourage and challenge men to be the Husbands, Dads, and Leaders they were always meant to be (Our Mission). A small team of passionate people is assembled to get the non-profit off the ground. Starting a non-profit from the ground up can be a very challenging objective. They started with doing their homework around what men were struggling with, what they responded to and proceeded to develop a solution.

2nd Year – After several months of planning and development, the original Uncommen App was launched to encourage and challenge men and inspire them with resources. This was a custom built app that would allow men to challege each other toward Godly goals. Uncommen then started to develop it’s social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with weekly updates. It was a great two prong approach to communicate with our audience.

3rd Year – Uncommen started writing bi-monthly devotionals for the YouVersion (Bible App) to help men and increase awareness. We were one of YouVersion first content partners and continue to provide devotionals to them. Uncommen started to develop partnerships with organizations for financial support. The Uncommen newsletter builds an email list of 30k+ men worldwide by providing a weekly blog article to their inbox on related to topics of Husbands, Dads and Leaders.

4th Year – Uncommen partners with Studio490 Creative Services to help develop a new website and create other marketing materials to further gain traction. Our branding becomes more consistent and we are able to build on our marketing efforts. This allows us to provide print and online materials to educate our audience and supporters. We spend this year on building data on what our audience is looking for by their response to content. This helps up develop new content for coming years. We upgrade our giving platform to be more secure and allow local and international donations.

5th YearLeadership is restructured, and Uncommen pivots to put their website at the center of their communications. We added a couple of volunteer writers to help diversify the content. Solid social media marketing allows us to reach 33 thousand followers on Facebook. An eCommerce component is added to our website to allow for National and International transactions. We spent time removing unnecessary service costs and changing the payment gateway to reduce overall transaction costs. We add insurance and services to allow us to be compliant with federal law and taxes. A new board of directors is established, and a new vision is formed. We fully establish ourselves as a Men’s Ministry and provide a statement of faith and resources for downloads.

6th Year – The Uncommen Charter program is launched to help men lead small groups in their churches and communities worldwide. At one point we have charters in 8 countries and support men reach into their communities with the Word of God. In 2017, we started going live weekly on YouTube with 15-30 minute segments to encourage men on a wide range of topics. Each segment is not only focusing on men’s topics, but a way to read scritpure to our audience. To help help partner with like minded organizations, we set up an advertising program.

7th Year – Uncommen expands it’s content partnership by adding Olive Tree and Back to the Bible (BTTB) to provide monthly devotions on their platforms as well. We expand our digital book library to include our fourth volume set which is topic driven. Our books are complied into groups that allow someone to easily purchase a set of articles with questions and challenge for each. We also include our digital books in the Olive Tree online store for purchase. We start growing our YouTube channel of videos to over 200 videos that we can refer to in the future. 

8th Year – Covid-19 hits, and we respond with a monthly virtual Bible Study to help men not feel so isolated. Uncommen hits 1 Million Devotions completed on YouVersion platform with a 4.8 user rating. A new website is designed and launched to take advantage of our content and the latest web trends and performance. The Uncommen Membership program is launched with an Annual Membership option. We launch Uncommen Originals which take a deeper dive into men’s topics. Our Charters hit as many as 60 and reach as many as 37 states and eight different countries.

9th Year – Uncommen relaunches an App to work in conjunction with its new website presence at a tremendously lower cost (FREE). You can now take part in our devotions right on our app as well as get access to some great content there. We also expanded our Membership program and launched a Monthly Membership option. With over 60 devotionals, Uncommen hits 2 Million Devotion subscriptions on YouVersion alone. 

10TH Year – Uncommen launches a Lifetime Membership package to round off its membership program. We will reach 70 Devotions by the end of 2022 on YouVersion and 20+ on OliveTree and BTTB. Our membership reaches 500 (Annual, Monthly, and Lifetime). We now offer 25+ Uncommen originals in our website library. Our blog library hits over 350 articles ranging on topics for husbands, dads, and leaders, and we added a new category targeting the young adults MIT (men in training). Launched our affiliation program for members to take advantage of those benefits. We launched interactive workbooks that are available to everyone but Free for lifetime members and Good Talk packs to help with communication. The great part is…we’re just getting started. You Ready?


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10 Uncommen Years

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