Uncommen Studies

The Uncommen Husband – Workbook


The Uncommen Dad – Workbook


The Uncommen Leader – Workbook


The Uncommen Husband – PDF


The Uncommen Dad – PDF


The Uncommen Leader – PDF


We know that not everyone is in an Uncommen Charter (you should be), so we have packaged our content into studies for Uncommen men to use to take their Husband, Dad and Leadership game to the next level. While it doesn’t give you everything the Charters get, it does allow you to take part in the studies. To purchase, email admin@uncommen.org

30 Day Studies – 15.00 each (pdf) 20.00 (book)

These studies are jammed packed with stories, questions and challenges for the Uncommen Man.

These are 8.5×11, perfect bound, 45 & 65-page workbooks that focus on being an Uncommen Husband, Dad or Leader. The workbooks contain 30 articles each with a scripture reference, challenges and questions. These articles are written around topics that encourage men to be the Husband, Dad or Leader they were always meant to be.

These workbooks includes:

  • 30 articles
  • Scripture reference
  • Challenges
  • Discussion Questions
  • Uncommen Challenges
  • Click for sample


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