It’s probably the most important part of my UNCOMMEN pitch. I left it out. Not on purpose. Given the opportunity to jump on Esquire Live Lounge TV Feb 20 at the Dad 2.0 Summit in San Francisco and share about UNCOMMEN, I guess the excitement overwhelmed me. I had been trolling @ESQTV on social media, and purposely walking by the Lounge to see if I could share our mission and purpose, and of course, get the word out about our mobile app.

When host, Jason Kravits was speaking to the cameraman, Danny Cameron, I heard him ask, “so who’s up next?” I seized the moment then.

“Sorry to interrupt, but if I could have just have three minutes on air I would love to share about our mobile app.”

After a look over the list of whomever was late or a no show, he said, “Alright, come on in. You’ll get more than three minutes.”

So here we go!

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
Again, I left out the most important part, in my opinion. Here’s what I failed to say on camera, but is the heart behind why our founder, Greg Cash started UNCOMMEN. Before there was the idea of an app, there was a reason. Before I was named the Executive Director of UNCOMMEN, Greg and his wife Amanda wanted to start something to fix something. We call it the Man Problem in America. If given the opportunity to call a mulligan, here’s the section I would have made sure I included:

That’s why we created the UNCOMMEN app
to combat the jacked up dad stats
Getting guys winning
instead of sinning on their wives
Did you know that the common guy
between the ages of 30 and 45
2.5 hours a day they play
Doing dumb things
on their smartphones
while at home
talking to their kids
less than 4 minutes a day

Their wives
hardly get their best
Less than 20 minutes a week
and yet he still wants to lay
Why should she stay
That’s why half the time
she walks out on him
Or he walks out on her
Walking out on them
Someone’s got to ask
this whole time
where were his friends

I guess the excitement was just too much. I missed it without even knowing until I watched the video playback later that night in my hotel room. I just furthered my resolve to make sure I don’t leave out the most important parts when talking to very important people. Like my wife, and kids, and my dad.  If you’ve missed the opportunities in the past, take advantage of the opportunity of today.

If there are words that need to be said or unsaid to a spouse or a child, simply initiate today.

Reach out in person if possible or text if necessary, to setup the call or face-to-face conversation.

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