Charter Information

Since you will be reflecting the brand of Uncommen, there are a few things we will need to cover to enable you to succeed.

  1. Uncommen is a international brand and your Charter is a reflection of that brand. So please keep in mind that what you say and do as an Uncommen group can have an effect on more than just your group. If Uncommen becomes aware of conduct that is inconsistent with its mission, Uncommen has the right, at its sole discretion, to rescind your Charter and require that you stop using Uncommen’s name and logo for your group.
  2. Branding: Uncommen’s logo is a registered trademark and should not be used by a Charter without Uncommen’s consent.  Always ask Uncommen prior to using our logo for any and all usage.
  3. All materials bearing Uncommen’s name and logo (T-shirts, etc.) should be purchased through the our store or provided to you by Uncommen.
  4. Charters should not sell materials bearing Uncommen’s name and logo without Uncommen’s written consent.
  5. Your team/group should always be working with each other to achieve the goal of Uncommen: Being better men.
  6. Throughout your group sessions and general meetings, know that you aren’t restricted to using Uncommen’s materials, but remember that what you’re studying within an Uncommen charter reflects our values.
  7. We encourage you, as a team, to challenge each other on a weekly basis using our resources (or even your own), to become better men in your households.
  8. If your group does a service project together, consider getting suited up in some Uncommen gear to further the message!
  9. #DontBeAJack should be one of the mottos of your group as you work together to reflect the Uncommen brand in an amazing way; like we know you can.
  10. Feedback is helpful – As Iron Sharpens Iron…we’d like to know what’s working and not working and ways to improve.  We won’t improve and really help men unless you let us know.  Share successes and failures.

If you’re interested in purchasing some materials for your charter or looking to create your own group, please get in contact with us and we’ll get you on the right track.

Visit our Resources page for all the materials you will need to be Uncommen.


Uncommen Charter Cheat Sheet (incase you missed a step, see each one below)

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